Success Stories


Spartan Racer, Hair Salon Owner, Stylist

I have worked out my whole life, mainly lifting weights.  When I started working out with Zonnie, my body was pretty out of whack.  Over developed in places and weak in others.  I am also a hairdresser and had a distinct problem with my posture.  Since working with Zonnie, my posture has improved so much that sometimes I catch myself in the mirror amazed at how straight my back is.  She has also balanced out my muscles and I feel and look more in proportion.  She is SO knowledgeable and corrects even the tiniest things.  She is my safety net for whatever workout or activities that I do, she makes sure I am in good shape and good form.  Thank you so much Zonnie! 

– Tamara Dahill



Equestrian, Teacher

Since starting Pilates with Zonnie, my flexibility, strength and energy has increased.  As an equestrian who rides multiple horses, this is invaluable.  I also have to carry 50 lb bags, groom horses, stand for hours giving lessons and lug saddles, etc. up and down hills.  I plan to do this the rest of my life.  With Pilates, I know that I will be able to well into my 80’s or beyond.  Horses can feel a fly on them, so having incredible fluidity in my body is vital.  Even through a saddle a horse can feel the slightest shift of weigh.  My increased body awareness allows me to be aware of how I use my body and do so as a communication with my horses.  It is awesome! 

– Cindy Fahey


Actor, Former Water Polo Player, Competitive Swimmer

My college athletic career was cut short due to injuries and my body has been out of whack ever since.  I have been in and out of physical therapy for years, which has always emphasized strengthening certain underdeveloped muscle groups in an attempt to fix my body’s imbalances.   This has provided some temporary improvements but without any long-term sustainability.  It wasn’t until I started Pilates that I began learning how to retrain my body to incorporate proper movement patterns to keep my body in proper alignment.  It has taken a little getting used to, but for the first time in a long time, I honestly feel like I am on my way to returning to my old self, and thanks to Pilates I now have the tools to keep it that way!

– Bryan Russell


Founder of Legendary International “SuperBike School”

Benefits of Pilates: Finding new connections with my body that have been asleep for who knows how long and waking them up is a fun and rewarding challenge and Zonnie will challenge you.  She’s got so many tricks up her sleeve to address all sorts of different angles and aspects of the body’s muscles and frame.  You see pretty immediate benefits to the workouts.  Right away I felt stronger and more balanced in some unexpected ways and I think anyone would get that result.

– Keith Code

California SuperBike School


Award Winning Filmmaker, Black Belt in Taekwondo

Zonnie Seriously changed my life. I took some 1 on 1 classes and by the end of it her classes had corrected by posture, made me stronger, feel younger and helped me get my next belt test in Taekwondo, which requires tumbling.  I would have never been able to do this before. 

I am also a filmmaker, we have to stand on our feet and direct for anywhere to 10-15 hours. She has helped me strengthen my core so I can do this comfortably.  I had a c- section, which cut across my stomach muscles that were numb.  She helped wake them back up and activated the stomach muscles which made me super happy!  I cried with joy after that session. She is seriously a miracle worker!

– Bayou Bennett

Dream Team Directors


Ballerina with the Milwaukee Ballet Company

I had such a good time doing Pilates with Zonnie.  I spent 8 days – 20 hours with Zonnie.  The hardest thing was focusing on all the tiny muscles.  I really noticed the difference in my posture from the first to the last day!  I want to thank you for being a wonderful Pilates teacher.  Zonnie –you have no idea how much it meant to me.  Thank you.  I love you!

– Emma Town