“Your body is a work of art. Let’s find that art again and make it sing!”

HomeThe Definition of Pilates: STRETCH with STRENGTH and CONTROL

My MISSION is to assist individuals in understanding and building control over their bodies, so they can gain a fully functional, fit, active and aesthetic body for life.

My PRODUCT is individuals who have fully functional, fit and aesthetic bodies that fully assist them in the game of living.

Zonnie Bauer spent her young adult life in the dance, gymnastics, trapeze and martial art world performing, teaching, choreographing and producing her art across several continents. Twenty-five years of performance and teaching led her to Pilates; a precision rehabilitation for injury and muscular/joint overuse.

HomeAfter skirting knee surgery and correcting the issue with just 10 sessions of Pilates, Zonnie realized that this was indeed a technology that rehabilitates the body. Pilates develops ultimate core strength, prevents injuries, corrects the natural posture and creates muscular balance. This results in the ability to move freely and comfortably with power, ease and grace.

HomeTraining in Toronto at the International STOTT Pilates Institute, which blends traditional Pilates with contemporary rehabilitation training, Zonnie became expert in both equipment and mat Pilates with specialty training in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

With over 30 years of teaching dance along with experience in various movement and alignment programs such as Alexander Technique and the Egoscue Method (Pain Free Method), Zonnie Bauer Pilates offers a highly unique blend of skills, experience, and deep understanding of body function to help each individual address issues and meet goals in fitness and rehabilitation at any level from common rehab to the elite athlete.

HomeFrom 2002, Zonnie taught Pilates in private clubs, gyms, and Pilates studios in Florida, Western New York and Sydney, Australia and opened Zonnie Bauer Pilates in Montrose in 2012.

HomeOver the years, Zonnie has used her unique skills to help professional dancers, equestrians, runners, rowers, golfers, Spartan racers, hikers, walkers, gymnasts, aerialists, a water polo player, a computer programmer, hair stylists, yoga students, a yoga instructor, nurses, opera singers, actors, dentists, swimmers, dance teachers, a 5-year old, a 75-year old, young adults with special needs, a surgeon, teachers, an engineer, a nuclear physicist, a scuba diver, musicians, music arranger, composers, a conductor, pianists, singers, a jewelry designer, financial consultants, film makers, a film producer, writers and people of virtually every age, size, condition and profession!