Zonnie Bauer

For Zonnie Bauer, Pilates is much more than a type of exercise. It became a form of healing that helped her to continue the work she loved.

“I danced professionally, was an acrobat and trapeze artist and opened my own dance school in 1990. I choreographed, directed and produced shows for over 30 years. With a degree in Art and being very physically oriented, I found choreography to be a beautiful blend of art forms. That suited me perfectly.”

When Zonnie developed knee problems, she consulted doctors who prescribed surgery.  Then a friend, who was a ballet dancer suggested Pilates.  In just eight to ten sessions, the pain vanished!

“My knee completely stopped hurting and stabilized.  My quad muscles were stronger than my inner thighs and it was pulling my knee caps to the side.  That was it.  It was that simple!  I knew that Pilates was the technology that would keep my body balanced and strong for the future.” That was when Zonnie decided to train as a Pilates instructor.

Zonnie Bauer studied in Toronto, Canada at the International STOTT Pilates Training Center which combines classical, contemporary and rehabilitative styles. She has been teaching Pilates since 2001.  Her experience as a choreographer and dance teacher has helped her assist clients in recovering motion and full body movement.

“I can ‘think’ with the body and help someone mold their body into what they need for whatever they want to do.  The synergy or blending of the person and their body is a piece of art.  I help people create that art.”

Each new student begins with a full posture evaluation, comparing the existing state of their body to the ideal.  An individual program is created for them based on their personal goals.  Zonnie has worked extensively with clients who have back, neck and joint pain, need core strength or injury rehabilitation. She also draws on her experience helping professional athletes – golfers, runners, dancers and equestrians to condition, sculpt and tone their bodies.

Students appreciate the knowledge she brings to the studio and her mastery of exercise gradients and sequencing.  Zonnie is very patient and focused on each individual, working to restore full use of their body.  She can help them meet their goals, whether it be to improve performance, correct posture related issues or improve overall fitness. Pilates is not an end in itself, but a blend of mental focus, precise exercises and proper breathing, with the goal of becoming more aligned and more healthy.

Zonnie Bauer Pilates specializes  in one-on-one training sessions. She also offers duo sessions.  The Pilates equipment used includes the reformer, cadillac, chair and barrels.

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